By Vanesse Tsang
reminiscence is a short film about realisation, following Serein, who lived a perfect life with her husband, Helios, is now a widowed mother of Camellia. A bracelet gifted by Helios was the only thing left for Serein. One day, the bracelet fell off and the clasp broke and all the memories vanished. Since then, she became cold and distant. Realising the bracelet caused Serein's sudden change in behaviour, Camellia took the bracelet to a jewellery repairer, hoping their mother-daughter relationship can be restored after fixing the bracelet. However, the repairer could not fix the bracelet, leaving Camellia on her own. She mended the broken bracelet with colourful threads and returned the bracelet secretly. The next morning, Serein saw the bracelet, all the beautiful memories with Helios and Camellia were restored the second she touches it. She realised that nothing can depreciate valued memories as they are felt from the heart.

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