Waleed Akbar

BA (Hons) Architecture

‘The U.K. has had a complex history with the Norse. These inhabitants of Scandinavia found their way across the North Sea to the British Isles, where they conquered, settled, and lived in various regions, one of these being Cumbria, including the area of the Lake District, where remnants of its Norse past remain. The proposed learning centre at Fell Foot is focused on the study of Norse history, language, literature, mythology, art and culture. It will be a place for beginners and experts to take part in all things Norse and Viking, such as poetry workshops, writing retreats, Old Norse classes, art lessons, Norse board game matches and exhibits and conferences. For the universities which teach Norse and Viking based courses, this centre can be a space for students and researchers to network, learn, and debate. The learning centre can also serve as a research centre to explore and fill the missing gaps in Norse knowledge of the Lake District.’ 
A Hall Thatched with Gold- Perspective Section.

A Hall Thatched with Gold- Model.

A Hall Thatched with Gold- Model nightscape.

A Hall Thatched with Gold- Brise Soleil.