Ted, Charlotte, Danny and Tony have been friends since forever ─ but when Tony dies from an overdose at 15, the rest can’t cope. They get “knee-deep into the
weekend”, partying hard, denying their grief.

Munted, unprotected, complicated, deflated, disconnected, underappreciated, hated, hallucinated, fixated. WASTED.


Charlotte, Danny and Ted’s Ten Top Tips on what to do when your best friend dies at 15:

1. Anything you can get your hands on, take it, inject it, snort it, swallow it.

2. Drink. Heavily.

3. Go to raves. Lots of them.

4. If in doubt, the greasy spoon.

5. Always carry a lighter ─ you’ll need it for the spliffs.

6. Tell yourself you’re worth nothing. Absolutely nothing.

7. Sit in the rain for hours by his grave, or by his tree. Either will do.

8. Pretend you’re fine. Maybe you will be. Eventually.

9. Do ANYTHING but admit your real feelings.

10. Get WASTED


Eleanor Goode

Project Manager 
Actor - ‘Chorus’ and ‘Charlotte’ 

Boris Mihaylov

Actor - ‘Danny’ 
Composer and Sound Designer

Rhys Dalton-Morton

Actor - ‘Chorus’ and ‘Ted’

Pui Yu Chan

Set and Costume Designer

Joseph Gaillet

Dramaturg and Lighting Designer

Our team has been small yet mighty! We’ve followed our shared enthusiasm for script work, adaptation, psychological realism, and original music composition. Having learnt to craft and invent in new ways, our rehearsals have been endlessly stimulating, always full of fun and enthusiasm. Having enjoyed making this work together, we now can't wait to share it with others. Will they feel what we have felt: the woe and spontaneity of what it means to be young and in grief? Will the audience even see themselves in our story? We hope so!