By Jiawei Hu

‘Us’ is an experimental short film about portraying and debating 'nothingness'. It attempts to narrate a poetic beauty that is imperceptible to the bared eye in a creative process that is raw and unconscious.


ARTIST STATEMENT The elements of aesthetic abstraction represented in Us (2022) need to be discovered through the composition of the camerawork: the physical beauty of the dancers as they dance, which tends to get almost dreamlike as the camera follows the changes in the dance.

Us (2022) does not follow the continuity of conventional filmmaking very deliberately, as the dancers are only part of the film, which has a seemingly parallel space - that of the models - which are not logically linked but rather move in their own space, with their own symbolic meanings, and the segments that maintain continuity are arranged in turn before the dancers and models appear in the same space at the same time. The two protagonists, the dancer and the model, are also arranged because they echo the original theme of Us (2022), which is to discuss and demonstrate how people confront nothingness, in a broad sense, with the dancer as a representative of motion and the model as a representative of stillness, pursuing different kinds of beauty while confronting each other.