Tymoteusz Wojciechowski


In my practice, I primarily concern myself with new media – video, video installation, digital design, and sound. Through the use of memes, videos appropriated from YouTube, pop-cultural references, and blaring hardstyle club music I explore the metaphysically of a contemporary human agent. My work draws from post-modern theories of Simulation and Simulacra, Actor-network and Deconstruction through the lens of Metamodern oscillations and New Age spiritual practices. A reappearing persona in my practice is Femmexy, a narrator and a subject that’s a digital-born human-like guide that acts as a grounding factor and relatable figure. Femmexy is a symbol of a persevering (albeit twisted and mutated) human quality. Through my art practice, I create a vast web of contextual sensory stimuli that could mimic the fragmented, liminal existence that we have all found ourselves in. Time is a spiral, embrace the infoxication and accept the computer drug of Tech-yogi.