An experimental film exploring memory through the use of 8mm/super 8mm home movies and old postcards.

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Title Tuesday
Duration 7 minutes and 10 seconds Resolution 1080p
Frame Rate 24fps
Colour Yes
Language English
Format H.264

Artist Statement

As highlighted by Thomas Elsaesser in “The Ethics of Appropriation: Found Foot- age between Archive and Internet” found footage films form “new coherent totality or unity, and thus tend to create new contexts for the images, which in turn allows for new associations”. This quote started our discussion and exploration of the relation between memory and the use of found footage in film practice.

Made from found media, Tuesday sets out to explore how the memories of others (preserved in home films, photo slides, and postcards) can trigger memories of our own, revealing in a way, universal elements of two distinct memory processes: Involuntary memory chains - the triggering of memories by a first memory, due to the temporal proximity of events or by similarities in its content; and the deterioration of memory - as the vagueness of this found media makes it possible for an almost-appropriation of these memories. However, the element of forgetting is best explored in the materialization of the cloudiness of lost memories at the ending of the film.

The film’s original soundtrack (made a posteriori, as an emotional interpretation of the edited film), accompanied by the actual letters from strangers, makes the whole watching experience nearly intrusive but most importantly nostalgic.