Tory Wright

BA Design

‘I explore various design disciplines, ranging from UI/ UX and Graphic to Urban design, which results in a diverse range of work. The common thread that runs through my designs is a shared aspiration for change, with the goal of creating a more ethical world within the context of our divided physical and digital domains. One notable project that showcases this ambition is my participation in the eVolo competition. As part of a group effort, we delved into the challenge of global loneliness and its potential resolution through a skyscraper design. The Atrium was conceived as a skyscraper environment that seamlessly integrated technology to foster social connections and community development. My focus was on developing a technological ecosystem to establish meaningful connections, motivating individuals to engage with their surroundings and with one another. These experiences have reinforced my belief in the transformative power of design to shape a more interconnected future. Through integrating technology and cultivating social connections, I strive to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, ultimately leading to the establishment of a more ethical and inclusive world.’

LICA342 Design Studio: Contexts The Atrium: A response to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition as part of a team exploring how skyscrapers could be redesigned to combat the challenge of loneliness. Our solution is a skyscraper called The Atrium, a multi-functional building designed to promote communication, connection and acceptance in Lancaster. The boards represent the conceptual design solutions we developed to address the community’s loneliness issue. The annotations within the portfolio provide insight into the design process and the reasoning behind the decisions. The Atrium is a thoughtfully designed skyscraper that addresses the contemporary challenge of loneliness in Lancaster using our principles, building design and technological Ecosystem.

LICA244 Design Studio: People
The Hub: Transformation station brief RSA: The Hub responds to the RSA Design competition brief Transformation Station: ‘How might we leverage unrealised spaces in small transport hubs as catalysts for communities and places to thrive?’. I identified Soham train station by working with the local community to propose a framework to help utilise the underused space. To foster community adoption of living stations, I propose the Soham case study as an example of the potential of a framework that uses the modules to suit the community's needs. An experimental space, injecting green pride and a home for the community that feels disconnected.

LICA342 Innovation and Design
Rescipy: Rescipy is a mobile app that uses AI chatbot technology and gamification to address food systems challenges and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With its realistic innovation and current technology, Rescipy promotes sustainable food choices, reduces waste, and empowers users to make informed decisions. Through personalised recommendations, a recipe database, and integration with sustainable food providers, Rescipy makes sustainability accessible and enjoyable, fostering a positive impact on the environment and society.

LICA344 Design Studio: Things
IntellectU: IntellectU is a design fiction that explores using EEG brainwave technology in education to detect students' use of AI. It raises concerns about invasive measures and the balance between surveillance and privacy. The aim is to provoke thought about where the line should be drawn regarding AI chatbot detection and surveillance. IntellectU utilises EEG wave reading earbuds to gather student data and provide personalised insights for educators, enhancing the credibility of student submissions. The narrative of IntellectU is communicated through various artefacts.

Camcycle Internship
During my Camcycle internship, I utilised my visualisation skills to create Photoshop mockups to respond to the Greater Cambridge Partnership's Road Classification Consultation. These mockups communicated the projects' visions to stakeholders and established Camcycle as a leading voice in road classification discussions. With the work even gaining recognition in the Cambridge Independent. Additionally, I played a key role in planning and producing promotional materials for the Cambridge Festival of Cycling, including the Cargo Carnival event, in collaboration with the Cambridge University Library.

LICA341 Design Consultancy Tony’s Chocolonely Proposal: As a team of Design and Marketing students, we, Teal Consultancy, embarked on a journey to address the challenge of improving cocoa farmers' livelihoods in the chocolate industry. Working with our client, Anthesis Consultancy, we identified Tony's Chocolonely as the ideal client for our design-focused strategies. Through innovative packaging, engaging social media campaigns, and an informative website, we aimed to highlight the importance of cocoa farmers and promote fairness and equality among all stakeholders. Our interdisciplinary team combined our design and marketing expertise to create impactful solutions for a sustainable future.

LICA241 Design Visualisation Bloom & Face: Bloom and Face, for the imagined festival, I created visualisations working at all different points of contact for festival creation: proposing the concept to the council, promotional for the event and visitor experience. The festival involves temporary interventions in the existing town centre indoors at The Storey exhibition and outdoors at Market St where there shall be a market space.