The Upbeat

By Ze (Jacky) Jiao

MUSIC VIDEO DESCRIPTION The Upbeat is an audiovisual experimenta5on that delves into the concept of synchronicity. This music video experiments with rhythm, mo5f, audio and visual effects, and matching and mismatching video with audio according to these aspects. The visual component showcases shots of machinery and dynamic objects in mo5on. As for the music, the original composi5on presents, syncopated rhythm, mul5ple layers of instrumental lines. The music video is a perceptual explora5on. There is no overt plot or iden5fiable characters presented; instead, the audience is invited to come up with their own interpreta5ons of the characters and stories. The open-ended experience of viewing and listening is the intended experience of this work.

ARTIST STATEMENT The Upbeat was made to reflect and to experiment different ideas regarding audiovisual synchronicity, the simultaneous occurrence of audio and visual. This fully original work experiments with audiovisual synchronicity in three areas, rhythm (matching and mismatching cuts of the video with the rhythm of the music), mo5f (matching par5cular image with par5cular instrument), and visual and sonic effects (using reverse, slow mo5on on both music and video to emphasise a unity). I hope through these areas of synchronicity, the audience is able to get an audiovisual experience that is different to conven5onal films, an experience that is unique to the individual viewer through their own interpretation.