The Table

By Corran Gourlay

Combining both stop-motion and live-action, The Table tells the story of a young woman swept up and transported by a table with a life of its own.

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Director’s Statement
The idea for The Table was born from two distinct sources: the first was Jan Švankmajer’s brilliant film Byt (The Flat) from 1968, which is a great example of blending stop-motion with live-action to express surrealist ideas; and the second was David Lynch’s autobiography Room to Dream, specifically the chapter detailing the process of making Eraserhead. These two pieces of media inspired me to take on a filmmaking challenge that I had not attempted before… to make a truly surreal film that brought stop-motion and live-action together as Jan Švankmajer has done throughout his career, and to build from scratch the key prop that would be the subject of the film, as David Lynch did when working on Eraserhead. What followed was my idea for a table that comes to life, which was built as I wanted, from scratch, for the film so that it could be manipulated in animation, even grow taller and shorter, to really make it seem like it is just as alive as the actor in the film.