Tell Me Somthing, I am Not Listening

Directed by Corran Gourlay and Sara del Barco
Original score by Leon Brown

An experimental short film about unheard voices, inspired by city symphonies and the work of Ron Fricke.

ARTIST STATEMENT In making Tell Me Something, I’m Not Listening (2022) we sought to create a film that explored the deindividualization that can be seen in late-modern society by combining a number of different formal techniques such as timelapse footage and archival recordings. We were inspired by the city symphony films of the 1920s – such as Man With a Movie Camera (1929) – as well as the work of Ron Fricke on films such as Chronos (1985) and Baraka (1992), and with these in mind we set to build upon these examples of experimental cinema and make our own poignant piece of anthropological film.