Tasha Hartman


Instagram: @tashajane_art

My art explores self-reflection through the written word. Combining my interest in language with my passion to create; I am in constant search of ways in which I can communicate the intricacies of the human experience, from my own perspective.

I draw inspiration from personal memories, stories, and conversations, to compose visual works using a combination of text. Through the arrangement of words, phrases, and larger sections of writing, I hope to provoke a degree of introspection in the viewer

I find creating art through writing to be a cathartic practice, it both releases raw and emotional thoughts that I was unaware of harbouring and offers a means to make sense of them. At the same time, my unconventional arrangement of words and their mixed content raises questions of meaning, and how meaning is arrived at. I aim to inspire reflection in others and hope they may find familiarity or relatability in my work.