Saskia Wallbridge


Instagram: @saschloeart

Saskia Wallbridge is an interdisciplinary artist who works across painting and sculpture. Her handmade sculptural objects often become the subject of the paintings, establishing an interesting dialogue between disciplines. Ideas, which originate in Saskia’s personal subconscious become manifest in her sublime paintings. The work exhibited in the final show, explores the mishandled history of the relic. Saskia anthropomorphises the iconic Victorian Staffordshire ceramic dog; found typically on the mantlepiece or windowsill of 1800’s British country homes. The ceramics would be positioned either facing towards or away from each other, playfully indicating the relationship between the home’s occupiers. Secularism’s entry has since propelled the sentimental death of the relic. The semiotic relationship between these seemingly sentient objects and the viewer is foregrounded in Saskia’s painterly style and composition, with the objects’ fragile, ephemeral impermanence foregrounded by her considered paint handling, and a soft, limited palette.