Ross Bland

BA (Hons) Architecture

‘The ARCH302 project consists of a learning centre which focuses on the preservation of water quality within Lake Windermere to promote wild swimming. The build-up of phosphate nutrients can cause anoxia (no oxygen), increasing the growth of algae. This is very harmful to the ecology of the site. Providing a learning centre with a focus on researching how to maintain a stable water quality is vital. High water quality will attract custom from active wild swimmers. 

The project is very community driven, with a key focus of educating the younger generation on both relating environmental concerns and how to swim safely in open waters. The concept of this project is to construct a memorable journey from the entrance to the water’s edge. Materiality and manipulation of light will enhance user experience helping to symbolise the emergence from a cave. This feeling will generate a connection between the individual and their surroundings as it draws them closer to the water. Providing picturesque viewpoints of the lake from within the building allows for easy spectating of wild swimming.’ 

1:200 Hand Made Context Model

Building Visualisation

Toilet Visualisation

View over Lake Windermere