Ren Bontems


Ren Bontems creates video art that explores how memory and trauma can erode truth and an individual’s understanding of time and reality.

Their video ‘Trauma Bond’ (2023) includes a collection of their own traumatic memories and realities that run parallel to each other, often colliding. This is investigated by merging different storytelling forms of writing, recording audio narration and filming visuals that accounts separate non-linear narratives from Ren’s personal life that converge in a final randomised and looped video.

This relentless cycle of random events represents the intrusiveness of memory and trauma that can make an individual feel trapped in their own mind. The making of ‘Trauma Bond’ was influenced by Ren’s study of autobiographical writing, video art and confessional poetry, and their desire to emphasise the importance of honesty and authenticity in building emotional density. Ren aims to create an intimate connection between themselves and the viewers by sharing uncomfortable and emotional experiences and asking viewers to confront their own trauma and pain.