Reggie Yeomans

BA Design

‘As a designer, I love product and industrial design and am eager to start a career in this sector. I have a strong interest in sustainability, something I try to incorporate into every design. This stems from a love for the outdoors and a belief that the world is something to be preserved, and designers have a responsibility to ensure this. Sustainability should be at the forefront of every designer’s mind, with the goal of making ecofriendly products accessible for wider consumption. As designers, it is my opinion that we are responsible for pushing the progression of society to fix problems affecting the modern world. I believe we can achieve this by learning from ineffective solutions, from the past, to better understand how we can iterate upon this through the use of new technology. I have a fundamental belief that every design should be open and accessible to the public domain for the advancement of innovation and to progress society globally.’

LICA342 Innovation and Design
LandPro is an AI-based robotic farming friend that optimises efficiency and yields on agricultural sites using precision farming technologies. LandPro offers both an innovative product and automated service that reduces labour costs whilst increasing profitability and crop yield.