Nikita Andrejev


Instagram: @nikitaandrejev

The core of my practice is based on the exploration of the materiality of paint and the expressive potential of mark-making. I explore these material values by drawing inspiration from the natural world and capturing the organic forms; from stones and trees to fungi and animal anatomy. In the process of depicting these natural forms, their essence slowly disconnects from their natural environment. As a result, the finished abstract paintings open up to viewers’ interpretation.

While my work is grounded in the formal language of painting, I also explore different values and traits which can be seen as the nature of human beings — love, sex, hate, and curiosity —including their potential for violence and cruelty, as well as their primal instincts, like hunger. Using natural abstract forms to represent these complex subjects in a non-representational environment, I aim to place my practice on the edge, between figuration and abstraction.