Niamh Cartwright

BA Design

‘From as young as I can remember, I have always harboured a profound curiosity and interest within design. I enjoy the creative freedom and the ability to creatively problem solve. I enjoy working collaboratively with fellow designers, as well as individually. This degree has provided me with the opportunity to explore different types of design and apply my skills to solve briefs that deal with real life issues, such as climate change and sustainability. I am particularly interested in brand identity design, which can be seen in projects such as PulpPro and Waterior. The projects that I have exhibited in the show also demonstrate my interest in urban design, particularly when it comes to sustainable futures. I believe that design has and will have a significant role in creating a sustainable world that does not have to worry about climate change and other global issues that the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals aspire to achieve. I hope that my work and my fellow design peers’ work will demonstrate this and inspire you to design and innovate for a better future.’

LICA343 Design Studio: Contexts
This project explores the development of a skyscraper concept that works as a possible prototype for combatting rising sea levels in areas that are at risk of being flooded. The design is a water conservation tank that would be placed on the industrial site by the Skerton Weir, Lancaster. It has a self-sufficient 'Eco-Village' that sits on top of the tank and relies on the Weir and hydropower for energy. There are four communities of residents and a communal 'EcoDome' at the centre, all sitting on top of the tank. With the additional features of hydropower and eco-communities, our concept not only tackles the issue of flooding, it also explores the possibility of tackling the cost of living crisis too. It proposes the idea of a new form of sustainable culture and community that does not have to worry about the financial burden of non-renewable energy sources.

LICA344 Design Studio: Things
This concept deals with designing for a sustainable future and proposes the idea of inflatable architecture. The layered brick design aims to create futuristic homes with a flood control inflatable feature. The idea takes the concept of air bag technology: a flood would trigger a sensor that would send an electric signal through the inflatable layer and expands the layer to provide a weather resistant barrier.

LICA342 Innovation and Design

This project explores disruptive innovation and how innovative, sustainable design can increase food security and sustainability in the food systems cycle. The design responds to the 12th sustainable development goal: ‘responsible consumption and production’ and focuses on the packaging part of the food systems cycle. I designed a milk jug that can be used in coffee shops such as Costa, which was my inspiration behind this project- I wanted big coffee shop chains to move away from plastic pouches.

This design is made from cardboard pulp, with a waterproof corn starch lining. Once the milk has been used up, the lining is removable and the carboard pulp jug converts into a cup holder for coffee travel cups.