Mollie Fraser


I paint trompe l'oeil copies of carbon transfer paper in various states. These compositions celebrate how light interacts with the sheen of the surface, which is intensified through crumpling and ripping the paper. Through the use of chromatic greys and blacks I capture different tones and textures. There are elements of flat illusion, which deceive the viewer into believing the paper sits away from the board. I also incorporate three dimensional elements using gesso skins, heightening the illusory qualities of the work. The skins are sculpted and painted take on the appearance of both the paper and the masking tape holding the paper in place. This gesture deepens the illusionary game, as the sculpted object/paper presents another challenge to the viewer's perception. The viewer begins to question whether a crease in the paper is real, or if the tape is really peeling away, thus providing greater complexity to the experience of looking.