Max Corbett


Instagram: @_corbsart

I am a portrait artist, specializing in oil painting. My recent work explores the experiences of young males in contemporary society. Through a lens of fashion, I explore the profound need for acceptance and the role that clothing plays in providing a collective and individual identity for young males.

I hope my work will invite viewers to engage with the subjects in my painting, and to reflect on the questions relating to how we are perceived by others, and how we perceive ourselves. In addition, to this, the presentation of the paintings in a corner is intended to set up dialogue between the subjects in the paintings and the paintings themselves. This arrangement draws attention to the complex dynamics of the interpersonal relationships between young males and how this can exacerbate their need for identification. Ultimately, this body of work seeks to highlight the nuanced experiences of young men navigating the complex landscape of societal norms and finding their place within it.