Margaret Crane 



Falling Through the Blacks signals the realisation of a long-held dream to visit and immerse myself in the sacred landscape of Lindisfarne. In this series of drawings I respond to a contradictory world of heaven and hell, where light may be found among the ruins and darkness in the dazzling light. 

With no beginning or end the circle is an icon for the natural cycles of life and universal whole. This portal is the symbol of continual (r)evolution revealing the complexities of a hidden and forgotten past and tangible evidence of life in the present.

Inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels and using the contrast of mixed media my dark illuminations represent a myriad of entanglements and embedded meaning which highlight the allusive spirit of landscape under a social and spiritual lens. Drawing out the textures of time and the paradox of place my work weaves the immanent and transcendent with the ethereal and elemental declaring Lindisfarne’s landscape as an ever-changing and ongoing revelation of the sacred divine.