Jude Greaves


My art practice is inspired by the ephemeral; by the transient nature of things. Working across painting and poetry I try to capture the essence of both the natural landscape and the human form, exploring the delicate balance between figurative and abstract forms of expression. My creative process begins with an exploration of the natural world, alone and in the company of friends. In the studio I make sketches using graphite and watercolour from photographs taken in the landscape, and write poetry as a reflection on my experience of being in the landscape. 

The relationship between painting and writing is reciprocal, both try to capture the fleeting moment. In my painting this is achieved through a process of layering and removing glazes on the canvas, a technique that allows me to build up a history of marks and colours over time. The paintings and poetry serve as a reflection of our ever-changing world and the beauty that surrounds us every day.