Jenny Chan

BA Design

‘Throughout my academic journey as a design student in Lancaster University, I have developed a lot in my skills and nurtured creativity. The university has provided me delving into various disciplines within design, including graphic design, product design, and UI/ UX design. Through these experiences, I’ve been able to establish a broad skill set and a thorough grasp of the whole design process, from initial concept to fi nal implementation. Beyond the technical aspects of design, I am deeply committed to ethical and sustainable practices. I believe that as designers, we have a responsibility to create solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also contribute positively to the future. I have tried seeking opportunities to minimise waste and consider the life-cycle of products in my designs. By prioritising environmental and social considerations, I am determined to make a lasting impact that goes beyond aesthetics. My ultimate goal is to make a meaningful impact through design. I envision a future where design not only enhances functionality and aesthetics but also fosters positive experiences, inspires change. Bringing joy to people’s lives with my passion and contribution in the ever-evolving design landscape.’

LICA344 Design Studio: Things
The MRay Cleaner U6 is the project I made for the Lica344 module. The project contains a series of artefacts that show the various entry points of world-building. Via researching various potential technologies that might emerge in the future, I selected a project that relates closest to our daily lives, which is a smart home cleaner. Household chores are beyond just floor cleaning, the round gadget we have in the present limits the potential of smart cleaning robots. Hence, with design fiction, I builded a fictional world where this cleaner is the gadget used in every household.