Holly Coulson


Email: hollycoulson0@outlook.com

My painting practice examines the relationships between time, memory, and a spatialised act of looking, while asserting that painting as a static image is an object that unfolds over time and in space. Through a series of paintings on bevelled panels, I explore how paintings are encountered by an ambulatory viewer- experiencing the shifts in perspective from both a head-on encounter with a rectilinear plane to an oblique encounter where images are revealed as orthogonal objects. Positioned within a self-reflexive system, repetitions of images and directional arrows create references between paintings that guide the viewer’s looking. It is my intention that these repeating sequences echo a phenomenological experience of remembering and forgetting, where the past is reinserted into the present and time seems to bleed between paintings. These transgressions of the framing edge reposition the spatial and temporal relationship of the viewer and artwork, to propose painting as something to be read in and over time.