Her Harmonious Exchange

By Bobbie-Jo Glendenning

Her Harmonious Exchange is an experimental project that is a subjective recounting of my personal experience of sexual assault. Working with voiceover, the film presents a soundscape made up of my voice, reading from a pro’s piece about this experience written a year ago. Interwoven with the main body of the voiceover are environmental sounds taken from my previous explorations of identity and environments that were presented as a sound instillation, further environmental sounds taken from locations I visited during the shooting process for this project and mixed/edited sounds from the voiceover narration. Alongside the voiceover, the film presents a dancer performing in response to the sound. Projected on the walls and floor around her (and ultimately onto her body) is a montage of images that represent some of my memories. While the film plays out the soundtrack events of my experience and the dancer responds to the sound of my voice, the film transitions through split screens of three separate recordings, each section of the screen a new and different experience of the project.

Follow the film here! ︎