Heidi Bishop


Instagram: @heidi.bishop_

Taking inspiration from the art povera movement, my practice explores the potential of clothing as art material and as a means of engaging metaphorically with questions relating to time and memory, the forgotten and remembered, to lives lived and lost.

My work pays a homage to craft within the home, with clothing being a vessel for identity. In this domestic context clothing is sewn, repaired and mended, it has a ‘living functioning life’. When it is passed down, forgotten, or cast off, or enters the charity shop, where it continues ‘to be lived in’, it will have seen many lives exhausted. But once this life looks to be lived, it becomes mummified within a plaster cocoon as a final resting place, left untouchable. In my work I seek to encapsulate the history of these worn out, unamendable garments in plaster, this is its final transformation; a memorial to the past.