Hannah F. Tomaszewicz

BA (Hons) Fine Art & Design
‘I am a Norwegian-Polish Fine Art and Design student passionate about designing accessible design through product and graphic design. taking the elements of problem-solving and trying to solve the issues I see in the people I know could benefit from my designs. Since 2017, I have created a large basis of different aspects of design throughout upper secondary school and at university, where my skills and imagination have been blossoming.

In this project revolving around designing future products, we will use; I investigate AR and how it would look if that were the new norm when it came to technology, as smartphones are the norm today, by exploring where non-AR services are no longer used for services such as making NHS appointments. This means that a large part of the older generation with little contemporary knowledge about AR would have no means to book the health services needed. This is where the idea of ‘AR glasses for the elderly’ would shine, creating a better chance for everyone to access essential services that are needed today and tomorrow, far into the future.’

LICA344 Design Studio: Things
To better understand the use of AR glasses for the elderly, The Government, in collaboration with the NHS, would create thought classes for those over 60 who have little to no understanding of the use of AR. The classes would last for multiple weeks to ensure a good and throughout learning experience through a more accessible way of using AR glasses. These would be things such as a more accessible User interface and larger buttons for easier use of the glasses.