Charlotte Pugh

BA (Hons) Architecture

‘The Masterplan the “Marine Gateway” takes a biologically dying waterfront site in the heart of the Lake District and invests in the future of marine biodiversity. The Masterplan aims to strengthen the accessibility of the site by adding an alternative route to the site, a bridge. The new sustainable access route will link up to the existing Lakeside train station train line, which is currently derelict. The Marine Gateway aims to restore this train line to boost sustainable transportation to Lake Windermere. 

The “Lake’s Marine Observatory” is built as part of the bridge and is anchored on Lake Windermere’s bed. The new Marine Research Centre provides a new outlet to study Lake Windermere’s marine biodiversity. Bringing 60 new research jobs to the area. The Research Centre aims to link with its global partners to teach local communities about marine biodiversity through the retrofitted boathouse which has become an outdoor auditorium.’ 

1-200 longitudinal section through the research centre

1-50 short section through the research centre and context

Overview of masterplan at 1-500

Front elevation of the research centre

1-200 final model in context

Final view of research centre during the night