Charity Bond-Thorley



A lot of my art (and writing) is emotional, rageful and impulsive because that is me as a person. Creativity is chaos, balancing between fizzling out or exploding. The way I create work, has no discipline which you can see in the expressive drawings and collages I do. I enjoy creating mutilated bodies on the page with paper and my own imagination to capture new forms, and then digitally edit them as another layer to the work. They transform into beings I can never even imagine beforehand. Lancaster has taught me that ‘Art’ doesn’t stop when the works done. And my impulsivity won’t stop if I learn self-discipline. So, my work is a product of the moment, and it will evolve from there, as my zines have been. They are not planned out but constantly working off from the previous page. My drawings and collages explore the idea of this chaotic creation.