Cartis Lo

BA Design

‘Design goes beyond creating products for consumers and the market. Indeed, aesthetics is built into all of our mental processes.  

I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition and to display my work within the time at Lancaster University. I enjoy 3D modelling and photography significantly. These interests have enabled me to initiate exciting extracurricular projects that incorporate my hobbies into my academic work. I create aesthetically pleasing designs using 3D modelling and photography. I want to learn more about design as a student. I value collaboration and believe that the best ideas are generated by diverse teams. My passion for design is fueled by collaborating with other people. My objective as a designer is to investigate the creative process and discover beauty in the world. Aesthetics are essential to our experiences and perceptions. I want to investigate the aesthetics of design through careful arrangement, colour blending, and form and function.’ 

LICA343 Design Studio: Contexts

Project Rewild: This is a group project about designing a skyscraper, I am grateful for the chance of working with my amazing groupmates, each working on the area we are good at and completing this project. My mission here is mainly doing the 3D modelling of the skyscraper, creating different perspectives and editing the images.

LICA244 Design Studio: People
Moody is an app and a line of products that could help people to change the mood of the space. Using the power of lighting and background noises, people can set up their own working and living spaces as they wanted. This can help people with limited space to switch from work to living easily at home.

LICA300 Design Dissertation

Digital fashion: Here are some images and videos I did for my dissertation, some digital fashion design. I chose the topic "digital fashion" because of my passion for 3D modelling and photography, I get to use the 2 elements at the same time in this project. I had so much fun combining the two and exploring the future of these technologies.