By Fuyi Jin

During the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, the UK government has adopted a series of measures to contain the epidemic. These measures may have been effective in containing the spread of the epidemic, but they have also been criticized for prolonged home isolation or other reasons. This short film tells the thrilling story of a mother and daughter who, during the quarantine measures, were pushed to their limits by the prolonged confinement and the downward pressure of the economy in the context of the epidemic, coupled with the immense pressure of work and the absence of the father. And the mother still tried to protect her daughter and herself, but in the end, it is futile, human energy has a limit. The stress mounts and the mother eventually have a nervous breakdown and is unable to return to her life. But is it possible that all this was a figment of the psychotic mother's imagination to begin with?

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Director: FuYi,Jin
Producer: Noah Brunt
Production Designer: YuChen,Zhang
Photographer: Chen,Zhang
Sound Designer: Christine,Wang
Editor: WenQian,Zhang

Mother: Magiya,Chen
Daughter Angie: Yiyi, Wang