Ava Sims

BA Design

Through Design at Lancaster, I have been immersed in a world of creativity, problem-solving, and boundless imagination. I entered the field of Design driven by a desire to positively impact the world in a creative way. Design at Lancaster has provided me with a unique platform to merge artistry and functionality, challenge norms, and address complex societal issues. Through design, I have learned the power of Design futures, the importance of user-centred solutions, and the transformative potential and drawbacks of innovation. Design has always, and will continue to shape our world. To me, it is important that as a designer I create a positive impact in everything I create. In the future I aspire to contribute to sustainable design practices, designing for inclusivity and positive social impact.

Module LICA 341 Design Consultancy
These computer screens show the final outcome of the brand identity project with GET Furniture as part of the Design Consultancy module. Through this process, I learned what it was like to work with a company and what it was like to lead a project as the main designer.

LICA344 Design Studio: Things
The Apiary was a Design Fiction project completed in the Design Studio. It represents a small part of the potential future where bees have gone extinct and we start to replace nature with robots. The beehive as an artefact represents the world-building that I conducted. A BBC news report sits alongside the artefact to give it more context.

LICA343 Design Studio: Contexts
The Eco Village was ideated alongside two of my design peers Niamh and Abby as part of the Design Studio at the start of the year. I made these renders to support the creation of this Eco Village.