Amour De Soi

After months of awkward exchanges and arguments, childhood sweethearts Lucy and Alex finally decide that their relationship in adulthood just isn’t working. Having been friends since they were very young, Lucy is unsure of how to go about life without Alex. She begins her journey to find her inner self love, amour de soi, and begins to fall in love with life, and herself, without the reliance on anyone else.

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Crew list:
  • Directed by: Katie Hatt
  • Written by: Katie Hatt & Jasmine Patel-Skelding
  • Produced by: Louis Whitehead
  • Director of Photography: Jasmine Patel-Skelding
  • Production Designer: Natasha Jarvis
  • Editor: Sophie McClelland
  • Sound Mixer: Freyja Williams
  • Set Photographers: Victoria Tang & Ethan Ward
  • Boom Operator: Hannah Clunas
  • Runners: Ewan McManus & Seth Powell
  • Music: Written by Freyja Williams, Performed by April Williams, Produced by Peter Williams