Agne Ramanuskaite

BSc Marketing & Design
‘As a final-year Marketing and Design student, my journey has been filled with incredible growth and discovery. Throughout my three years pursuing a degree in design, the most significant growth in my skillset happened during my second year when I familiarised myself with the world of graphic design. I enhanced my knowledge of design principles and various tools during this time. Creating visualisations for an art festival was the main project that encouraged me to develop graphic design skills. This experience not only allowed me to strengthen my technical skills but I also discovered my passion for design. Since then, I have continuously enhanced my graphic design skills to communicate my ideas creatively to become a valuable designer in the future.’

LICA241 Design Visualisation
As high streets and town centres are under transformation in the UK, these spaces are striving to become vibrant destinations offering unique and memorable experiences instead of offering only retail services. A great example of it is the Little Art festival in Lancaster. The primary goal of this art festival was to showcase the creative skills of children who would be allowed to exhibit their works. Indoor and outdoor venues were chosen to provide the potential appearance of the festival. The project is separated into two sections based on the audience. By organising an art festival and offering a unique experience, people will explore the town centre and engage with artistic offerings.